30 Conspiracy Theories That Are Probably…True!

We all have our own opinions on conspiracies.  The moon is a hollow alien drone where millions of aliens are working away is one such theory.  However, here are 25 of the best ones that I found in a Reddit post.


25 Conspiracy Theories That Are Probably…True!


  1. Cosmopolitan deliberately offers bad dating advice to single women in order to keep them single, so they keep buying magazines.
  2. OJ probably actually did it.
  3. Intelligence agencies use Reddit threads as a sort of barometer to determine how close the general public is to realizing the deception.
  4. Snapchat is using its filters to build a facial recognition database to sell to the government one day.
  5. NFL referees change how they call penalties based on how the game is going.
  6. That no one shot JFK. His head just did that.
  7. Everyone is being recorded, watched and judged as to whether they are a potential threat to the governing powers.
  8. Alexa, do you work for the CIA?
  9. Phones are designed to die, forcing you to purchase a new one every few years.
  10. Well after the Pentagon released that UFO shit today I’m starting to believe in little green men.
  11. Concussions and brain damage in football aren’t the result of the one ‘super hit’ the NFL wants you to believe.  It’s the culmination of thousands of hits over the years, the super hit just jump starts the damage.
  12. There’s big evidence showing that insurance companies routinely deny or delay payout because it’s easier to let the patient die than payout to extend their life.  It’s even more nauseatingly sad when parents of sick children state their child suffered or died in agony because insurance (legally) dragged their feet.
  13. Some people seem to think the FCC was behind a lot of forged comments on their website supporting the repeal of Net Neutrality. One of them was actually a comment from Obama himself. I don’t know enough to comment on tbis but I wouldn’t be surprised.
  14. A lot of PGA golfers used zika as their excuse for skipping the Olympics last summer when in reality they didn’t want to get busted for PED’s during mandatory drug tests.
  15. Richard III of England had the princes in the tower murdered to pave the way for his ascension to the throne.
  16. That the French are about to jump out of the Statue of Liberty and invade America
  17. Tobacco companies probably actually knew cigs were addictive.
  18. John Travolta is gay.
  19. Santa Claus probably isn’t even real.
  20. They came out with double stuff Oreos so they could lower the amount of cream they put in the regular Oreos. Over time they reduced the cream levels and now double stuff have as much cream as the old regular ones did, and the regular ones have even less.
  21. Sometime in the early 2000’s, Robert De Niro died and was replaced by an exact copy aside from the fact that he could only make bad career decisions.
  22. Anything said about R. Kelly. It probably happened. You could make something up right now, and he still probably did that.
  23. The true power in the modern world sits behind positions of scrutiny like a presidency or in congress, the power sits in banking cartels.
  24. The government propagates conspiracy theories and props up groups like the Truthers and Anti-Vax crowd to keep people distracted from more finely detailed and potentially controversial things they do up to and including potential conspiracies.  Take area 51 for example. Its awful convenient that any nutjob, wannabe journalist investigating aliens would want to go there because it is so well known.  Just ship the actual alien/experimental planes somewhere else while everyone else is snooping around where you were 50 years ago.
  25. Big pharma is largely responsible for the opioid epidemic, and it was 100% intentional at every step and with almost every facet.
  26. China sends over thousands of bad drivers to the US to cause traffic congestion, thereby wasting hundreds of millions of man hours every year in traffic, and slowing down our economy.
  27. Starbucks spells people’s names wrong on purpose so they share it on social media thus creating free advertising.
  28. Politicians intentionally cut funding to schools in low income areas to keep people uneducated, docile, and easily influenced by simple rhetoric in the media. This allows them to take actions not necessarily in their constituents best interest but leaving uneducated constituents unable to confidently verify the truth of claims against those policies.
  29. Hollywood mogul hires ex-Mossad agents to cover up systematic sexual abuse and rape.
  30. Whole Foods always has a small parking lot to make the store look more crowded . Just think about it

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