25 Reasons to Cut Ties With Your Friends

There comes a time in a lot of friendships when you have to say enough is enough.  For me, my best friend was someone I would always mess around with.  We would do stupid stuff together and that led to many a bad hangover and also an addiction to nicotine.  However, we played up too much on one occasion and his parents forced us to stop spending time together.  The last time I heard from him, he had been in the same job for years and he had become a divorced father.


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Anyway, here are a few more sorry stories to tell from people somewhere in cyberspace.

  1. When I realized that being around them was something I had to recover from. I still very much care about these people and want the best for them, just from a distance.
  2. When they try to take advantage of my kindness to them.
  3. When they only came to me when they had a problem but when I had a problem they’re nowhere to be found.
  4. Constantly inviting me to join their MLM business.
  5. She and her husband were renting my basement after they got married. Fully finished basement with bedroom and bathroom for $200/month. They both worked full time but never paid rent on time, constant messes in the kitchen and garage. Eventually I asked them to move out within 90 days. A month before the move out date they gave me a sob story about not having enough for a security deposit on an apartment. I gave them the last month free to help. While I was on vacation they went out and bought a FUCKING BOAT. Not a row boat, a Mastercraft ski boat. 2 years old. They still had not moved out by that point. After calling and confronting them they quickly hung up on me and blocked me on social media and their phones. 10 years of considering her my sister and even living with her for 4 years evaporated with one phone call. We haven’t spoken since.  They (28 and 30) live in her parents basement now and I still get collection notices for them in my mail.
  6. I realized I put all the effort into spending time together and they put in zero effort in return.
  7. The classic “they owed me money and really dragged their feet with paying back when they had the means to pay me back all along”.
  8. When my best friend of 10 years fell in love with my now ex GF of seven years and convinced her that he would take better care of her then I ever have and a multitude of other things That was right around the time I cut things off.
  9. My best friend from middle school to high school began using heroin and tried to get me into it as well. She overdosed the day I called and told her parents. She survived but is not on good terms with her family last time I heard anything about her.
  10. He would always mooch money off of me, not literally asking for it early on, but I always paid for almost anything. Later in the friendship after starting to abuse my generosity (buying non-essentials [cigarettes, weed, etc,], giving rides, even housing him and his girlfriend for a period) he started to ask me to give rides to people I didn’t know, without him there, and he would ask all of MY friends for money, friends who didn’t even like him.
  11. I had this best friend in elementary school. He had a few quirks, but we were inseparable. As we grew up, he started having more and more mental related issues. Depression and anxiety and a host of other things. He never wanted to go outside to play, or really do much of anything. Then the issues started getting worse. It seemed like I was talking him out of suicide almost every time I saw him. What was worse was that I was dealing with a very close family member who had just committed suicide themselves not even a month before. This was almost a daily thing and went on for months. One day I just snapped. I couldn’t do it anymore. It was getting to the point that being around him was affecting my mental health. So around 7th grade, I stopped talking to him. I felt guilty at the time, but no matter what I did or said to him seemed to help him. It was almost like he was feeding off the concern we had for him.
  12. Got him his first software job even though he didn’t deserve it. He shows to the interview wearing jeans and t-shirt. Got hired and left his desk a total shambles. He played practical jokes on myself and other team mates. He withheld important info about code so that he could maintain control. Overall selfish asshole.
  13. Its a long story but the TL;DR version:  I have always been a geek, work in IT, love video games, etc.  Bone skinny my whole life, my ex “best friend” was also a geek but morbidly obese.  In my early 20s I started hitting the gym hardcore and bulked up, I also started putting effort into my appearance, buying nicer clothes, getting my haircut more often.  My “friend” all the sudden developed a searing hatred of me. Like I couldn’t do ANYTHING right. I finally had to cut him off because of his negative attitude towards anything I did.
  14. He posted nudes of his ex online and bragged about it
  15. Whenever I invited my friend at the time to hang out his boyfriend had to join. Keep in mind I didn’t mind the guy, but if the boyfriend didn’t want to do XYZ we wouldn’t hang out at all. If the boyfriend was sick my friend would say he has to stay home and take care of him. Eventually afters months plans falling through I figured it wasn’t worth the effort.
  16. Wasn’t really my friend but my co-worker. His younger sister was depressed and attempted suicide. While she was in the hospital, he would take off work to go see her.  Turns out, instead of going to the hospital he was going out and smoking weed with his friends.
  17. In the end I was constantly walking on egg shells with her. I was afraid of her getting mad at me but it was almost unavoidable because she was so short tempered. If anything didnt work out the way she had wanted it to it wasnt good, her mood dropped and I was her punching pillow. Always tried to cheer her up again but it would never work, she’d only keep on complaining. But if I had any issues, anything I wanted to talk about she wouldnt care. Lastly I noticed how much we had grown apart, how different our lives were. I’m happy I dont talk to her anymore, she always pulled me down with her.
  18. Good friend of mine got too into party drugs and then started doing a bit of selling.  Before I knew what he was up to – I ended up having two incidents when out with him – one time we were taken to a back room by bouncers who tried to shit us up and then not long after, I was followed by some other dealers whose territory my mate had sold in and i was given a proper pasting with a baseball bat or similar blunt weapon.  Had to turn my back on him at that point but within the next year, he had given up drugs and the party scene in general and I was back in contact with him. He is now about ten years clear of it and a rare success story of someone who goes off the deep end with drugs and starts selling and manages to turn it around.
  19. We were 12 years old and she wanted me to be sexually active for some reason, probably because she was. I had a boyfriend at the time, but it was a middle school boyfriend – we would hold hands and we kissed a total of three times. Anyway, my friend was spending the night at my house and out of the blue, she death-gripped one of my boobs and said, “You’re going to give him a blowjob and I’m not going to let go until you say you will.” I was awkwardly laughing at first because I thought she was just joking, but she kept her grip and it started to hurt. I pretend-laughed and said I would, I would. Of course I didn’t, I only did it to make her stop, but after that, I really knew I could NOT be her friend anymore. She was my best friend at the time, so it was really awkward when my parents would ask me why I wasn’t hanging out with her and that I should be nice to her. I didn’t have the courage to tell them what she had done, so instead I just got mad at them for talking about her. She had a kid at some point in high school. No idea what she’s up to now. I still have her blocked on facebook, even though we haven’t spoken in many, many years.
  20. I pretty much stopped being friends with a dude because he was chronically late. Like, would show up to dinner 2 hours after our agreed-upon time, or would fall asleep and not show up at all. At a certain point, that just come off as blatant disrespect for someone else’s time.
  21. I found out he was into child pornography.  This guy was one of the first friends I made when I moved to Texas in 1990. We went to high school together, played games together, had adventures together. We worked at the same places, banged the same girls, played the same games, watched the same movies. We drank together, fought together, even got arrested together.  He wasn’t my friend. He was my brother.  In the early 2000’s we became roommate’s, 2 out of 5 people in a 3 bedroom town home. Because of his technical acumen he handled the household IT. He’d set up a network for all of our machines and even a small media server.  I had a hard drive failure. I bought a replacement and while installing my OS I went to play some Warcraft on his computer. He’d given me permission to do so, along with the password to his machine. I saw an oddly named folder on his desktop, so out of curiosity I clicked on it.  Child porn. Lots of child porn. LOTS of child porn.  The video I clicked on had a child, no more than 5 years old, being raped.  I called the cops.  He was arrested. He was charged. He was convicted.  He was my brother. He was one of my closest friends. He was one of the few people I trusted. I haven’t spoken to him in nearly 2 decades.
  22. I got sick of being the last person they wanted to hang out with. one of them called me a cunt and I realized I didn’t like my friends that much.
  23. They were flakey, selfish and/or way too wrapped up in their own shit to have mutually respectful relationship with another person.
  24. I don’t mess around with pills or drugs or anything dangerous like that. In addition to this, I have a family history of drug addiction/dependencies. I have gone through great pains to avoid opiates specifically, including a botched wisdom tooth removal.  My freshman year of college, my new friends and I were hanging out. I got really, really drunk and was offered pain pills (oxy). I turned em down, “I thought drinking and pills could kill you?” I said. After about an hour of everyone trying to persued me, and since I was just absolutley hammered I took some. I could’ve fucking died in my sleep that night and nobody would’ve noticed. One person on my whole dorm floor actually asked me how I was doing the next day, and went ballisitc on the assholes who could’ve killed me.  I’m still really good friends with that guy.  Edit: Just to be absolutley clear, never drink and take pills, this can and will kill. I survived and consequently had the work hangover of my entire life. It was the first time I had diahrea and vomited at the same time.
  25. Meth for one. Another had an affair with our friends husband, and that marriage ended. I’m still friends with the girl that was cheated on. It turns out the husband was making out/sexting with other friends of ours and we cut them out as well. Big group went to little group.
  26. This is a bonus one:  When your friend steals from your family and tells you it belongs to him.  I found that a tough one to forgive and that terminated our friendship completely.

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