15 Things You Never Understood or Secretly Doubted Until They Happened to You

It doesn’t matter who you are, if you are honest with yourself, there are always things you didn’t “get” until they happened to you.  Here are 15 things that people don’t get until we experience them for ourselves…


1  Why do adults always complain about an acceleration of speed in time when they get older?

When I was a 10 year old, 10 years seemed like forever.  However, now I am in my 40s, 10 years ago seems like yesterday.  Your kids will never understand why adults complain about time going so quickly.



2  Anxiety


Why do people get so anxious when there is nothing to be an


xious about?  I think this goes back to the dawn of time and has a lot to do with rejection in a neolithic tribe.  However, if you want the real truth, you will have to look it up for yourself.



3  How quickly a family can fall apart when a leading member dies.

If your mother or father keeps your family together, can you imagine what will happen once that person is out of the picture?  I believe that there is always someone gluing the family together.  In my case, it is my mother.  My brother and sister don’t get along and once my mother has passed on, I: believe they will each go their own ways.  I will be the middle-man once that happens.



4  How debilitating back pain can be

Also how bad tooth pain can be???



5  Why someone would commit suicide

There are many ways of committing suicide and some can involve putting other people in a nightmare scenario.  Have you ever considered why someone would throw themselves under a train?  Have you ever considered what that would mean for the train driver who is looking out where he was going just to run down someone committing suicide.  It does not bear thinking about.




6  Why some people get so depressed

Sir Winston Churchill called his depression, his “black dog”.  It is like a black cloud that foreshadows everything in life. It is like a black cloak that just takes over your whole life.  Other physical and psychological disorders also bear a stigma that people who do not suffer them, and even some people who do experience them, cannot understand.  Who knows why people with schizophrenia, myalgic encephalomyelitis, seasonal defective disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, asperger’s syndrome and many more goes through what they experience.



7  Why do some people go out on the town just to find someone to beat up for the sake of having someone to beat up?

Okay, we can say, “that’s a terrible thing to do”.  Indeed it is, but if you are a bully at school, you will understand that having someone to beat up is like an artist with a blank canvas.  What am I going to create today?  What damage can I inflict on this poor person today?  It has an element of fun that is hard for some to understand, but it just does.


8  Staying in an abusive relationship

Why do women, in particular, stay with the same guy if he always wants to inflict pain and torment on them?  That is a good question.  Do these women think that they are unable to do any better?  Do they think that a man can change?  I believe a man can change, but it takes time and true repentance for a man to be really clear of this blockage in their lives.



9  Loving someone who doesn’t love you

If you have ever been smitten by someone, you will know what it is like to love someone who very often does not love you in return.  Why do we love these people?  What is it about them that flicks that switch in our lives?  We can never totally understand why we become smitten, but it nearly always leads to heartbreak and pain.  It is one of the worst things to happen to a young person, but it affects everyone at one time or another.



10  Why sometimes we are lucky enough to find a substantial amount of money somewhere we don’t expect it

This has not happened to me directly, but I know a guy who found a fiver sitting on a wall in Leamington Spa, United Kingdom.



11  Why people feel so young, yet their bodies are so old

Why do our bodies say how old we are when we still feel like we could be in our 20’s.  If you are somewhere over 40 and especially over 50, you will feel younger than you look.  I used to think of 40 as being old, but now I am that age, it actually feels, psychologically, to be fairly young.




12  How easy it can be to form addictions

I have been addicted to nicotine and I last smoked in 2005.  I still dream that I am addicted and it is nice to wake up.  Whoever we are, we will, most likely, experience addiction to one thing at some time in our lives.




13  How realistically cartoons can portray a woman getting her purse stolen

They always scream and most of the time they have it returned to them.



14  Near death experiences

This is one of the first things I consider when I think of things that are hard to understand and many people refuse to believe them.  It is only when we die that we can know the truth, but for many…is that too late?



15  The severity of migraines

Many people belittle those who suffer from migraines.  They do not understand how bad they are until they actually experience them for themselves.




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